History Oscar Goetz GmbH

The roots of the company date back to the year 1889, when Mr. Oscar Goetz established the company Oscar Goetz with heaquarters in the still today existing building „Hamburger Kaufmannshaus“ in the city center. Oscar Goetz, who was in later years appointed to commercial judge, opened for the company important markets in Central and South America,, Australia und New Zealand and in former German colonies. The comany merged in the difficult times between the two large world wars.

Todays company was established 1948 by the merchant Mr. Oscar Goetz in Hamburg as a private firm. Afer the second world war the driving force of the quickly expanding international trade were mainly trade merchants, many of them located in Hamburg, the city with Germanys largets harbor. These opened up wordwide markets for products, which quickly became the synonym for quality manufacturing. Mr. Oscar Goetz was one of these pioneers, who developed international markets, initially travelling by ship, long before planes became the preferred means of transport. Mr. Oscar Goetz stood for the values still held up by todays company. We are proud to stand for what we classify in Hamburg as the values of the „Honorable Hamburg Merchant“ : reliability and distinct sense of responsibility for clients and business partners, empoyees and society.

The founder of the company Mr. Oscar Götz - 1948 Foundation of the firm in Hamburg, Germany.

Mrs. Jenny Goetz took over management of the company in 1974 and built upon the values of the company. Mrs. Goetz focused the company on the area of building technology and geographically into niche markets of the Caribbean and selected South American markets. Mrs. Goetz still today gives valuable advise to the company. Jenny Goetz stands as synonym for unfailing commitment and dedication to fulfilling customers requirements with unsurpassed enthusiasm.

Mrs. Jenny Goetz – managing the company from 1974 onwards.

Mr. Mark Goetz carries on management of the company in third generation. Mr. Mark Goetz joined the company after twenty years in leading positions in international investment banking. Mr. Goetz holds a diploma of business administration and a MBA by IMD, Lausanne/Switzerland.
The strong values of the company are being built upon and the company is actively pursuing its strategy within the challening global environment. 

Mark Goetz – Current Managing Director.

Oscar Goetz:

Three Generations. One Philosophy. Truthful Partnership.